Help us remove our director

Please support us in our protest against the director by complaining against him to the following:

  • Honourable Arjun Singh ji
    Union Minister For HRD
  • N.K.Sinha
    Joint secretary
    Department of higher education MHRD Delhi
  • R.P.Agrawal
  • Human Rights Commission Of India

Please send emails to the above peoples with your complaint against the director. However, please mention your state and year in the mail while sending your complaints. We need the support of MANIT alumni and students of other NITs also,so Wherever you are please help us save this institute. The more complaints they receive, the more chances we have of removing the director. So, please hurry and submit your complaints now. Thank you for your support.

Students Of MANIT Bhopal

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Support Rahul's Father

Rahul's father has filed complaint against the administration of college and he also asked to the National Human Rights Commission of India to help him in this matter to get him justice and they are ready. NHRC asked SP of Bhopal to investigate this matter fairly.Now its our time to help him, these are the e-mail where we should send mail to NHRC and convey our message to them, so his father will get full support from us.Due to the lockout of hostels we are not with them and they are alone, through our mails he will find support from his freinds.

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