Help us remove our director

Please support us in our protest against the director by complaining against him to the following:

  • Honourable Arjun Singh ji
    Union Minister For HRD
  • N.K.Sinha
    Joint secretary
    Department of higher education MHRD Delhi
  • R.P.Agrawal
  • Human Rights Commission Of India

Please send emails to the above peoples with your complaint against the director. However, please mention your state and year in the mail while sending your complaints. We need the support of MANIT alumni and students of other NITs also,so Wherever you are please help us save this institute. The more complaints they receive, the more chances we have of removing the director. So, please hurry and submit your complaints now. Thank you for your support.

Students Of MANIT Bhopal

Sunday, November 23, 2008



Anonymous said...

Its a shame what these people have reduced our college to...I feel ashamed to say that am a part of this college...The people behind this are just morons...they can go to any lengths(to even murder) just to prove their power...
Its alla dirty blame game which has been going on in the college since long now and the only people suffering coz of it are the students....
I just hope that the bereaved family gets some sort of justice...
And a word to 2nd yr students...I can understand what you all must be united in whatever comes and happens...but not at the cost of your studies...protests and everything are fine...just dont take any drastic steps which might harm your future...We all are there with you!

Mukesh Agarwal said...

The only solution of this is bring Mr. P K Chande Back